Our Founder's Story

Our Founder's Story

Pink Ribbon Moms was born out of my own grief. Just like you, I know how devastating losing a child can be. But when I was at my lowest there came the idea that you now see actualized here.  

On January 4, 2021, my daughter Stephanie (pictured here), lost her battle with breast cancer. She died at home in my arms. She was only 37. I was — and still am — devastated by her death. Stephanie was a group fitness instructor who loved dancing. Her members loved her spirit, her kindness, and her passion to help them love their gorgeous bodies no matter the size. 

A couple months after she died, I was sitting on the side of my bed weeping and questioning. I asked, "Why my daughter? ", "Why do you cause so much suffering?", and statements like, "I don't feel like getting out of bed", "I don't want to wake up", "I can't take this pain, it's too much", "My daughter was my best friend, now I'm alone". I'm sure you have some questions of your own. 

You know what dropped in my spirit as I was weeping? "There are thousands of moms grieving the loss of their daughters to breast cancer. Then the words came to me, "Pink Ribbon Moms." 

Out of my pain and grief, I want to help moms like me, find their way back after the loss of their daughters to breast cancer. Full disclosure: I am in no way ok. I still grieve, I still cry, I still question, I'm still angry, I still miss Stephanie so much, but I do believe that as we come together to support each other through this distressing time, we'll be ok. Together we stand! So, come join us here at Pink Ribbon Moms now for the support you deserve.