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The Importance of Healthy Grieving

What I am about to tell you might sound like a hard pill to swallow — just as it was for me. But grief is something we cannot avoid, the only way is to cross it. Grief is a natural response to loss and it adjusts our entire system and psychology to what has happened. It is a time of freeing energy that is bound to something that went away. Grieving is not forgetting but it also isn't about simply drowning in tears. Grieve is an active process of crossing the life-shattering pain that overtakes us in such times. Here at Pink Ribbon Moms we know how you feel, how devastating it can be. But only together we get a chance to win at giving our daughters the chance to become beacons of strength and hope for what will come. Under the cherished memories we carry and nurture, we unite and stand together. Join us now at Pink Ribbon Moms and we will succeed together.

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