5 Things Mothers Can Do To Get Out Of Depression After A Loss

5 Things Mothers Can Do To Get Out Of Depression After A Loss

Posted on April 17th, 2024

Losing a child is an unimaginably painful experience, and when it happens due to a disease like breast cancer, the grief can feel overwhelming. 

Mothers facing this heart-wrenching reality often find themselves struggling to cope with the intense emotions that follow. It’s crucial to recognize that while the pain might seem impossible, there are pathways that can lead you out of the depths of despair. 

This article explores practical steps to help grieving mothers begin their journey toward healing. 

We focus on what "things mothers can do" to help "get out of depression" after such a significant loss, offering strategies that have supported many in similar situations. 

Engaging in meaningful activities and seeking connections with others can serve as vital lifelines. Here, we share insights on coping mechanisms that can alleviate the heavy burden of grief. 

As you read, remember that each step taken is a move towards reclaiming your peace and well-being.

Life After the Tragic Event

Even after the devastating loss of a daughter to breast cancer, life's demands continue, and as a mother, you may find yourself grappling with the need to carry on. 

It's a reality that feels both unfair and impossible to face. Yet, amidst this profound sadness, there is a pathway that leads forward—a journey made one step at a time. In this section, we explore how embracing life's continuation can be a pivotal part of the healing process.

Embracing New Routines

Creating new routines can provide structure and a sense of normalcy amidst chaos. Start with small, manageable tasks that do not feel overwhelming. 

Whether it’s a short walk in the morning or dedicating time to read a book, these new habits can provide moments of relief and reflection.

Finding Solace in Everyday Moments

It’s also important to find solace in the small, everyday moments that bring joy or peace. This might be a coffee with a friend, time spent in the garden, or simply the quiet moments at dawn. 

These snippets of time can offer respite from the ongoing sadness and help to gradually rebuild your emotional resilience.

5 Things Mothers Can Do To Get Out Of Depression

After the loss of a child, finding a way out of the depths of depression requires courage and commitment. For mothers enduring this painful journey, there are actionable steps that can assist in managing grief and moving toward healing. 

Lets now take a look at the five crucial activities that can help mothers begin to mend their broken hearts and find a way forward.

1. Seek Professional Help

One of the most vital steps in dealing with the intense grief of losing a child is seeking professional help. Therapy or counseling provides a safe space to express your emotions and receive guidance on how to process them effectively. 

Grief counselors, especially those who specialize in child loss, understand the profound impact this has on a mother and can offer tailored strategies for coping. These professionals act as compassionate navigators through the turbulent waters of sorrow, helping you find your footing again.

2. Join a Support Group

Connecting with others who have experienced a similar loss can be incredibly healing. In support groups, mothers find a community of understanding and compassion, where they can speak openly about their feelings and experiences. 

This shared connection can reduce feelings of isolation and helplessness. Groups like the Pink Ribbon Moms Facebook group offer a platform for ongoing support and connection, making it easier to access comfort and encouragement from others who truly understand the journey of losing a child.

3. Honor Your Child’s Memory

Finding ways to honor your child's memory can be a powerful tool in your healing process. Creating a memory book or engaging in charity work that reflects their interests or values helps keep their spirit alive. 

These acts of remembrance serve as a healthy expression of grief and can provide a sense of purpose and continuity in life after loss. Activities like these not only celebrate your child’s life but also offer a therapeutic outlet for your grief, allowing you to channel emotions into something meaningful.

4. Set Manageable Goals

When overwhelmed by grief, setting small, achievable goals can help restore a sense of control and normalcy. 

These goals do not need to be significant or life-changing; rather, they should be simple tasks that add structure to your daily life. For example, committing to a morning walk, cooking a meal, or meeting a friend for coffee can all be small victories. 

Such activities can provide a routine that helps distract from pain while gradually rebuilding the capacity for enjoyment and achievement in everyday life.

5. Allow Yourself Time

It’s important to understand that healing from grief is a gradual process. 

There is no set timeline for mourning, and it’s vital to allow yourself as much time as needed to grieve at your own pace. Embracing your feelings, whether they are of sadness, anger, or confusion, is a crucial part of the healing process. Give yourself permission to experience these emotions without judgment. 

Practicing self-care during this time is essential, as it reinforces the importance of your well-being amidst the healing journey.

Support Through Pink Ribbon Moms

At Pink Ribbon Moms, we understand the profound impact the loss of a child can have on a mother. We are dedicated to providing support and resources that can help mothers navigate through their grief. 

Our organization offers a variety of services designed to offer comfort, connection, and healing to those in the depths of sorrow. 

By joining our community, you gain access to a network of support that is compassionate and understanding, ensuring you do not have to face this journey alone.

Join Our Moms Private Facebook Group

In the digital age, finding a supportive community can be as simple as connecting online. Our Pink Ribbon Moms Facebook group is a private space where mothers who have experienced the loss of a child due to breast cancer can come together. 

This group allows members to share their stories, struggles, and successes in a safe and supportive environment. By joining, you can connect with others who truly understand your pain, offering mutual support and understanding that can be pivotal in your healing process.

Attend Our Virtual and In-Person Meetings

To further our mission of supporting grieving mothers, Pink Ribbon Moms hosts both virtual and in-person meetings. These gatherings provide opportunities for members to meet and support each other through shared experiences. 

Whether you prefer the convenience of connecting from home or the intimacy of face-to-face interactions, our meetings cater to all preferences, ensuring every mother can find comfort in the way that suits her best.


Navigating the journey of grief after losing a child to breast cancer is undoubtedly challenging, but you don’t have to go through it alone. The strategies discussed here—from seeking professional help and joining support groups to setting manageable goals and allowing yourself time to grieve—can all play a crucial role in your healing process. 

At Pink Ribbon Moms, we are here to support you every step of the way, offering a community that understands and shares your pain and your hope.

We encourage you to reach out and join our network of supportive mothers by joining our private Facebook group or attending one of our meetings. For more personalized support please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Remember, healing begins with a step, and we are here to walk alongside you as you take those steps towards recovery and finding peace again.

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