Kathryn Bell-Taylor
Executive Director

Ms. Taylor is a Legal Practice Assistant in her professional career for a prestigious law firm in Los Angeles. She has more than 30 plus years of experience working for various law firms in Southern California. 

Earlier in her career Ms. Taylor worked for several corporate companies in various roles, assistant, trainer, and mentor. After leaving the corporate world she began a career in the legal industry as a legal secretary and found a fondness for the industry. 

She worked for several prestigious law firms where she learned it could be rewarding, as well as, challenging. She experienced being laid off and released from firms. She pairs a broad range of leadership experience in various positions throughout her career.

Ms. Taylor’s strongest traits are integrity, transparency, honesty, loyalty, perseverance and commitment. Known by her colleagues, peers and friends as an influential agent for change who leads with confidence and approaches even the most difficult and complex challenges with unflagging commitment to success. Ms. Taylor is a good listener and problem solver. Kathryn Taylor’s career is testament to these traits.

One of the hardest things in life she has endured was to watch her sister, who was only 41 years of age, “take her last breath” and lose the battle to colorectal cancer. The second hardest was seeing her mother become afflicted by breast cancer at the age of 71 and having to cut her hair off when it started coming out in patches due to the chemotherapy treatments.

Ms. Taylor enjoys spending personal time with her husband and beloved yorkie “Lil King”, family and friends. Interests are riding motorcycles, travelling to different States, crafting, cooking new dishes and trying out new restaurants. She and her husband are foodies.

Ms. Taylor’s charitable interest center primarily on helping others.

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